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Rotary drum dryer

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Principle of work

Drum-type drier is tilted slightly and the cylindrical rotating body, the wet material enter into the upper, at the same time, the dry materials are collected on the other side of the lower part. Hot air from the feed end or discharge end access to the material and discharge from the other side of the upper part.

The performance characteristics

Drum-type drier’s evaporation capacity is generally 30-80kg/h, with the increase in air temperature increased, and with the nature of material changes in the water.

Equipment moves smooth, reliable, non-wearing parts, less malfunction, long service life, which have been widely used of the drying industry.

The sphere of application

First, from the material form, the centrifuge cake dewatering, filter press cake; the free flow of power, granule, flake, fiber and other dry materials

Second, from the material scope of application, it is widely used in minerals, building materials, chemical products, fertilizer, organic power, fodder, wine tank, starch residue, corn residue, soybean residue, such as drying.

Third, from drum-type drier of the bodies, it can be divided into direct, indirect heating, ventilation tube heating, indirect heating steam pipe, composite structures and other forms of heating

Fourth, from the drying temperature, it is between 60°Cand 600°C, in principle, the higher the temperature, the higher the evaporation intensity 

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