Special significance of sawdust pellet machine

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Special significance of sawdust pellet machine

Biomass energy is second only to coal, oil and natural gas and occupies the fourth place in the world's total energy consumption. It has always been an important energy source for human survival and occupies an important position in the entire energy system. According to relevant experts, biomass energy will become an important part of the future sustainable energy system. By the middle of this century, various biomass fuels produced by new technologies will account for the total global energy consumption.More than 40%. (sawdust pellet machineof special significance)


Sawdust pellet machine, as an important equipment for the production of biomass particles, its development and utilization of biomass energy is of special significance to China's rural areas. China's vast rural areas are rich in biomass energy resources. It is estimated that agriculture and forestry can provide about6 to 0.7 billion tons, containing energy equivalent to 3 to 0.35 billion tons of standard coal, accounting for 15% to 17.4 of the country's total commercial energy production in 2005. Although there is so abundant biomass energy, due to technical and economic reasons, these resources cannot be used well, which not only causes serious energy waste and environmental pollution, but also increases the economic burden of farmers. The emergence of sawdust particle machine and other equipment, a good solution to this problem.

Due to China's vast land and large population, it is impossible for regular energy to fully meet the growing demand of the vast rural areas. At the same time, due to the international community is formulating various conventions on environmental issues to limit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions, which is very unfavorable to countries with coal and oil as their main energy sources. Therefore, based on the existing biomass resources in China's rural areas, the study of new conversion technologies and the development of new biomass pellet equipment are not only the urgent needs of rural development, but also the fundamental needs of environmental protection and the implementation of sustainable development strategies. In rural areas, use sawdust pellet machines and other equipment as much as possible to use more biomass energy and reduce the consumption of fossil energy such as coal, which can achieve multiple results. (sawdust pellet machineof special significance)