How to properly maintain the sawdust pellet machine?

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How to properly maintain the sawdust pellet machine?

The sawdust pellet machine can be said to be a very common mechanical equipment in our lives. With the increasing popularity of environmental protection and energy saving concepts, the application range of the sawdust pellet machine is becoming more and more extensive. (How to properly maintainsawdust pellet machine?)


So, how do we properly maintain the wood pellet machine and extend its service life?

1, remember not to use waste oil directly

The waste oil replaced by the sawdust pellet machine, after the oil quality analysis, take corresponding measures, some can be reused. However, we must be careful not to directly add the waste oil to the particle machine, which will cause damage to the particle machine and reduce its service life.

If you want to reuse the waste oil of the sawdust pellet machine, the water in the oil can be dehydrated by the oil-water separator; for some mechanical impurities and sludge in the oil, it can be removed by the filter.

2, not any lubricating oil is suitable for wood pellet machine

In order to make the equipment get reasonable lubrication in different environments, a certain amount of additives must be added to the lubricating oil. The additives added in various lubricating oils are different, and the performance is also different. Therefore, it is necessary to select the appropriate lubricant according to the equipment and the use environment, so as to have a good lubrication effect.

3, refueling is not the more the better

A pellet machine equipment in the design of its strict provisions of the amount of oil, the operator should be in accordance with the instructions and daily observation of the oil standard, sight glass and other supplementary lubricating oil. If more oil is added, it will have certain side effects and cause damage to the sawdust pellet machine.

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