Sawdust pellet machine operation matters needing attention

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Zhangqiu city developed particle machinery over the years the company focused on pellet machine, sawdust pellet machine, sawdust pellet machine, biomass pellet machine and other products research and development and production.

Sawdust pellet machine operation matters needing attention

Only by mastering the operating points of the wood pellet machine can we better use the pellet machine, make it work better for us, and reduce the maintenance rate. (sawdust pellet machineoperation precautions)


Today, the developed particle machinery for you to reveal the operation of the wood pellet machine note:

1. raw material size, moisture control

Particle machine raw material size should be within 6mm, water content should be between 10-15%. If the pressed particles are fluffy and have many vertical cracks, the moisture of the raw materials should be appropriately reduced; on the contrary, if the pressed particles are short, the temperature is extremely high, and the cross-section, the moisture of the raw materials should be appropriately increased.

2. use and maintenance

1. Read the instructions: Please read the accompanying product instructions before using this machine to understand the performance, structure, use, daily maintenance and maintenance of the sawdust pellet machine.

2. Test run: Before starting the machine, check whether the screws in each part of the granulator are fastened, and then try to turn it to observe whether the rotation direction of the machine is the same as the mark and whether there is abnormal sound, etc.

3. Adjust the die roller gap: Before starting the equipment each time, adjust the die roller gap by adjusting the pull bolt and the nut.

4. Mold washing: Take 50kg of bran, 100kg of fine sand and 50kg of engine oil, stir evenly, then turn on the machine, and then put the materials into grinding one after another (through the grinding port). Repeat grinding until the template hole is smooth and all the materials are released.

5. Preparation for shutdown: stop feeding before shutdown. After the materials in the silo are processed, add oily materials (moisturizing) through the grinding port and press them into the mold holes to keep the holes lubricated (moist), so that blockage will not occur during the next use.

6. Particle control: The length of the particle material can be adjusted by the extension length of the cutter on the material rack.

7. Discharge port: The discharge port must be unblocked, and the discharge situation must be observed during work. If blockage or poor discharge is found, slender objects should be used to remove the blockage. Metal objects should not be used when the machine is running. Plastic, wood, bamboo, etc. can be used instead. If it is not easy to clean, the steel pipe at the discharge port can be removed. (3 days before the operation of the new equipment, no residual material discharge is normal) (sawdust pellet machineoperation precautions)