What are the types of wood pellet machine?

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The sawdust granulator produces finished sawdust granules through the processes of crushing, drying, screening, granulating, cooling and packaging of waste wood and other raw materials. Zhangqiu developed particle machinery main sawdust pellet machine, sawdust pellet machine, biomass pellet machine and other products.

What are the types of wood pellet machine?

Sawdust pellet machine through the sawdust, branches, straw, husk, waste wood and other raw materials crushing, drying, screening, granulation, cooling, packaging and other processes to produce finished wood pellets. It is a granulation equipment for the production of wood pellets and a new energy equipment for biomass. Its finished products are used in biomass power generation, boilers, fireplaces, household equipment, etc., to meet the needs of many industries, and will have broad market prospects in the next few years, and the prospects are very bright.(sawdust pellet machinewhat are the types?


The rapid growth of the wood pellet machine industry has solved the fuel problem in many fields. Enterprises of different sizes in the industry have sprung up, and the competition in the industry makes enterprises continuously improve the quality and production efficiency of their wood pellet machines. When customers who purchase sawdust pellet machines choose pellet machine manufacturers online, if the price of biomass fuel pellet machine equipment is much lower than the market price, try not to choose, because every penny counts, and the quality of products bought at low prices is not necessarily reliable!

At present, the domestic wood pellet machine generally has3 types:

1. flat die wood pellet machine

This is the earliest improved model of feed pellet machine, which is mostly used for the processing of small fuel pellets, and the output is relatively low. With the increase of the grinding tool, the hanging of the flat die is too large, and the die is prone to fracture after being stressed.

2. horizontal ring die granulator

This is a pure feed pellet processing equipment modification machine. The feed pellet machine manufacturer has been slightly improved and put into the production of biomass fuel. Because the proportion of feed raw materials and biomass fuel is very different, it is difficult to solve the problem of easy damage of spindle bearings during the operation of the equipment, and the situation of equipment braising machine will often occur.

3. ring die biomass pellet machine

This is specially designed for biomass pellet fuel processing equipment, is currently the domestic advanced and special equipment, but also online publicity and consumers to buy the most equipment. After more than ten years of market verification, it has been recognized by customers across the country.(sawdust pellet machinewhat are the types?