The fuel pellet machine produces the pellet ring mold and the flat mold which is better.

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Fuel pellet machineIt is better to produce particle ring die and flat die.

Answer: The vertical ring die is good, the flat die is second, and the horizontal ring die is poor.
Before saying that the machine is good, let's analyze the raw materials for wood pellets. Common raw materials for wood pellets are sawdust, straw, etc. Of course, the particles made of straw are called straw particles. Both sawdust and straw are crude fiber materials. This kind of non-material is characterized by more crude fiber content, lighter proportion and poor fluidity.
These characteristics of the material determine a good one.Fuel pellet machine, must be able to overcome these characteristics of the material. From the structure, the material must be able to feed smoothly, so that the material can be evenly distributed in the production process.
To make the material feed smoothly, the good way is to feed vertically. There is no detour in the middle and there will be no blocking of materials. The horizontal ring die granulator, which is the granulator we often use to make feed, is not fed vertically, but with an included angle. This leads to poor feed, let alone yield. Moreover, the horizontal ring die granulator, due to its good sealing performance and high temperature in the machine, is easy to cause fire. Fire is a terrible danger for wood pellets. In the event of a fire, it can destroy almost the entire production line. Therefore, the horizontal ring die particle machine row after.
Flat die pellet machine is vertical feed, ventilation is good, even many small production manufacturers also use. However, because its working principle is that the pressure wheel rotates and the mold is fixed, this causes uneven material distribution, and then the output is not high enough, and the second is due to uneven force, the mold is easily damaged, increasing production costs. So flat die pellet machine in the second.
Vertical ring dieFuel pellet machine, Is a pellet machine specially designed for sawdust, so everything is not a problem. The vertical ring die pellet machine has several advantages that make it a machine suitable for pressing wood pellet fuel:
1. Vertical feeding
2. The pressure wheel rotates.
3. The material is evenly distributed under the influence of centrifugal force.
4. Large output and high stability.
5. The mold has a long service life.

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