Misunderstanding of choosing biomass pellet machine

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Zhangqiu developed particle machinery co., ltd, established in 1994, has more than 20 years of experience in the production and manufacture of particle machinery. its main equipment includes: particle machine, sawdust particle machine, biomass particle machine, sawdust particle machine, fuel particle machine, feed particle machine, straw particle machine, rice husk particle machine, particle machine production line, sawdust particle machine production line, complete set of particles, drying equipment, drum dryer, etc, the quality of the granular machinery and equipment produced by the company and the first-class service and after-sales service are the foundation of customer trust and the way of the company's future development.

DueBiomass pellet machineHas been recognized by the majority of users,Biomass pellet machineThe market is also particularly active. From the point of view of the old users or new inquiry users we have experienced, most of them have some misunderstandings.
Misunderstanding one, many users thinkBiomass pellet machineGood is small power large output. This idea is not very reasonable. Without enough power, there will be no expected output. This is the law of the operation of mechanical equipment. The so-called low power and high output of biomass pellet machines are just the information boasted by small enterprises, discount the guise of technological innovation, and make an unrealistic promise. This is not credible and cannot be believed.
Misunderstanding 2, some users blindly compare the price, think that the low price of biomass pellet machine is a kind of purchasing desire, but this is an idea of killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. Reasonable price is the basis for the manufacturer of biomass granulator to ensure the three guarantees of service and accessories tracking of user equipment, and is the guarantee of quality and work effect. Although the low price has won the market and users, it is just a repeat of the story of drinking poison to quench thirst. What is not expensive must be good, but what is appropriate should be chosen. The lesson of buying cheap and using expensive is very painful. Therefore, there must be cooperation and development, trust, sincere attitude and reasonable choice of equipment.
Misunderstanding three, favor the existence of quality assurance can restrain the after-sales service of biomass pellet machine manufacturers. The idea is not perfect. Businessmen, in business, pursue profit more than everything. Once the warranty is allowed to restrict the manufacturer's after-sales service, it will squeeze the profit margin, and this distrust will only increase the rift of cooperation between each other, and will not exert force on the restraint. The appearance of quality assurance fund has also given some leather bag companies a stimulant in order to cater to customers and the market. They have set aside a margin of quality assurance fund in advance, and then quoted a high price. After that, the quality assurance fund is not needed, but the service will not be cashed in.
in choosingBiomass pellet machineThere are other misunderstandings among the users. These misunderstandings should be communicated with machine and equipment manufacturers heart-to-heart, reach a consensus as much as possible, and openBiomass pellet machineGood situation of work production.

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