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Development prospects of wood pellet machine and straw pellet machine

Development prospects of wood pellet machine and straw pellet machine

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2018/11/23 15:54
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With the promotion of environmental protection and the reduction of raw materials in China, the pellet machine, wood pellet machine and straw pellet machine have made great progress. What about the prospects of wood pellet machine and straw pellet machine? What are the advantages? Below Shandong Granule Machinery Co., Ltd. to introduce to you.
First, the raw materials required for the wood pellet machine are sufficient
The main targets of wood pellet machine and straw pellet machine are waste wood chips and straw, and these two categories of materials are also the most productive in China. The most urgently needed, construction waste, domestic waste, furniture industry will be produced every moment. A large amount of waste wood, which is directly discarded, will pollute the environment and waste valuable resources. There are also straws, which produce a lot of straw every autumn. In the past, the people directly burned the straw, which not only wastes resources, but also greatly polluted the environment. The treatment of crop straw is also a problem that the state and local governments have always been concerned about. In this case, a machine that can handle wood chips and straws and turn them into waste is particularly important, and the importance of the wood pellet machine and the straw pellet machine at this time is apparent.
Second, the demand for wood pellet machine increased
As the price of food is getting higher and higher, the crops that were directly discarded can be reprocessed by wood pellet machine and straw pellet machine to become the feed needed for breeding, and the sawdust and straw processed by wood pellet machine or straw pellet machine. The pellets can be sent directly to the power plant instead of coal for use as a new energy source. This greatly reduces costs and is recognized by more and more customers.
The three main energy sources used by humans today are oil, natural gas and coal. They are all non-renewable energy sources. According to experts' prediction, if the demand for energy is based on the current economic development speed, the three kinds of energy that can be exploited on the earth They will be exhausted in 40, 60 and 200 years respectively. The development and utilization of new energy sources has become an urgent issue in human development. Since the global oil crisis in the 1970s, the development and utilization of renewable energy has received increasing attention. Bioenergy is an important renewable energy source. In the current world energy consumption, bioenergy accounts for 14% of the world's total energy consumption. Ranked 4th in oil, natural gas and coal.
The straw granule forming technology is suitable for application in forest areas and agricultural areas rich in biomass resources, and can also be used to treat wood waste from crop straws, furniture factories and wood processing plants.
1. Straw granules and wood pellets have a large calorific value, and the calorific value is about 3900~4800 kcal/kg, and the calorific value after carbonization is as high as 7000-8000 kcal/kg.
2. Straw granules and wood pellets have high purity and do not contain other impurities that do not generate heat. The carbon content is 75-85%, the ash content is 3-6%, the water content is 1-3%, and the coal gangue is absolutely free. Stones and other non-heating and heat-consuming impurities will directly reduce costs for enterprises.
3, straw particles and wood pellets fuel does not contain sulfur and phosphorus, does not corrode the boiler, can extend the service life of the boiler, the enterprise will benefit a lot.
4. Since the straw granules and wood pellet fuel do not contain sulphur and phosphorus, no sulphur dioxide and phosphorus pentoxide are produced during combustion, so that acid rain is not generated, the atmosphere is not polluted, and the environment is not polluted.
5, straw granules and wood pellets fuel clean and hygienic, convenient feeding, reduce the labor intensity of workers, greatly improve the labor environment, enterprises will reduce the cost of labor.
6. After the burning of straw granules and wood pellet fuel, there is very little ash, which greatly reduces the site of stacking coal shovel and reduces the cost of sputum.
7. Ash ash and wood pellets After burning, the ash is a high-quality organic potash with high grade and can be recycled.
As a new type of particulate fuel, straw granules and wood granules have won wide recognition for their unique advantages. Compared with traditional fuels, it not only has economic advantages but also environmental benefits, which fully meets the requirements of sustainable development.