The role of the automatic system of the sawdust pellet machine

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Zhangqiu City, Shandong Province developed particle machinery Co., Ltd., over the years the company focused on the pellet machine, wood pellet machine, sawdust pellet machine, pellet machine production line, biomass pellet machine, crusher, wood processing equipment, drying equipment, cooling equipment and packaging equipment and other products research and development and production.

The role of the automatic system of the sawdust pellet machine

Aboutsawdust pellet machineThe role of the automatic system is said today.Sawdust pellet machine can help enterprises to process wood and other materials when in use, and can ensure good results for students in social production. Among them, wood that may be discarded due to some problems is mainly processed through a series of operating system processes to form materials that are beneficial to other related fields. Therefore, it has certain environmental protection characteristics. In the use of particle machine is relatively simple, in the operation can be through the use of some automatic control system to achieve the purpose of environmental protection equipment, then let us learn to understand together.


1. Automatic protection system for pressure roller and ring die

In order to prevent the iron block and other large hard foreign matter developed between the pressure roller and the ring form from causing serious damage to the pressure roller and the ring form, a safety pin type and hydraulic holding type safety environment protection management organization is set at the rear end of the spindle. Under the overload condition of the granulator, the shearing force of the national safety pin or the friction force of the friction plate and the friction plate in the hoop is exceeded, then the enterprise safety pin shears or the trade friction plate rotates, the technical action of the student safety work switch is touched, and the action signal is transmitted to the internal control information system, and the stop instruction is issued by the control research center, thus playing an important role in effectively protecting the pressure roller and the ring die.

2, Sawdust pellet machine belt automatic speed control system

In order to prevent the belt from slipping, reduce the efficiency of information transmission, and burn the belt, speed and sensors can be installed on the driven pulley, and the speed of the pulley can be sensed.When the belt is loose and sliding, the speed of the driven pulley continues to drop. When it is lower than the usual speed value of the company, it is set to our usual 90%~95%, the control management system can issue an alarm to immediately cut off the power of the pelletizer to prevent the belt from burning.

3. Automatic unloading system of granulator bypass door

During the operation of the wood pellet machine, due to changes in raw materials, moisture or temperature, overload may occur in stages.If the problem is not handled, it may be blocked due to overload. When the control system detects that the actual current exceeds the set value, it sends a door-opening signal to the solenoid valve that controls the expansion and contraction of the bypass door cylinder, and the bypass door opens to the cylinder to make the raw material flow out and the current drops. The above automatic control process avoids the possible blockage of the granulator at any time, and the operator does not need to see the change of current at the scene at all times, thus reducing the workload of people.

The above problem issawdust pellet machineThe advantages brought by the development of the role of the automatic system can improve the function of protecting the overall teaching equipment of the enterprise when in use, and prevent the overload of equipment management.