Misunderstanding of the choice of sawdust pellet machine

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Zhangqiu City, Shandong Province developed particle machinery Co., Ltd., over the years the company focused on the pellet machine, wood pellet machine, sawdust pellet machine, pellet machine production line, biomass pellet machine, crusher, wood processing equipment, drying equipment, cooling equipment and packaging equipment and other products research and development and production, has reached the international advanced level

Misunderstanding of the choice of sawdust pellet machine

With the environmental protection supervision more and more stringent, in recent years, the project investment in bio pellet fuel is also more and more.sawdust pellet machineIt is a kind of mechanical equipment for the production and manufacture of bio-pellet fuel.There are more and more problems in the whole process of purchasing wood pellet machine equipment. I will take you to master some mistakes in the whole process of purchasing.


Misunderstanding 1: Because many customers have just mastered this manufacturing industry, they are not very good at this manufacturing industry. They want to choose equipment with small output power and large production capacity when purchasing equipment. However, if there is no sufficient driving force, how can the production capacity be achieved later,In the case of purchasing equipment, you can't just listen to some small and medium-sized enterprises. You should go to the manufacturer to inspect, debug, and master before making a choice.Myth 2: only pay attention to the price of equipment.The effective price is the basis for the manufacturer of sawdust pellet machine to ensure the customer's equipment three-guarantee service and spare parts tracking, and is the guarantee of quality and actual effect in work.Misunderstanding 3: Do not understand the equipment, because the wood pellet machine is a high-power equipment, the motor, reducer, electrical cabinet, installation size tolerance regulations are very strict,Check the equipment clearly.

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