Which sawdust pellet machine raw materials can be used

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Which sawdust pellet machine raw materials can be used

Speakingsawdust pellet machineIn fact, we are the waste materials in social life. After processing enterprises, we have realized the reuse of resources.But for the sawdust pellet machine is not all the production waste particles can be produced, the following will introduce you to the sawdust pellet machine raw materials which can be used, hope to help you.


1. The residues of crops: the residues of crops include cotton straw, wheat straw, rice straw, corn straw, corn cob and other important grain straw of students. The so-called "crop residues" in addition to producing energy can be used as raw materials, there are some other purposes, such as corn cobs can be used as the main raw material for the production of xylitol, furfural and other chemical products; corn straw, wheat straw, cotton straw processing straw can be mixed with resin sheet made of fiber; straw can be directly further field as fertilizer, etc.

2. Sawed sawdust with band saw: Sawed sawdust with band saw has an optimal particle size, and the output of the produced particle products is stable, the particle surface is smooth, the hardness is high, and the energy consumption is small.

3. Small furniture factory sawdust: Because the particle size is relatively large, it is not easy to develop into an industrial sawdust pellet machine, so we are easy to block, so the sawdust is crushed after use.

4, mill, sanding ray powder furniture: lighter weight light sand powder, wood pellet machine is not easy to contact, not easy to block, it is recommended to mix with wood pellet granulation, each time about 50% of the proportion can be, in order to achieve the best results.

5. Wood board and wood chip scrap: The wood board and wood chip scrap can only be used after being crushed.

Fiber material: The fiber material should control the length of the optical fiber, generally no more than 5mm.

The above is what we talked about today.sawdust pellet machineThe relevant content of which raw materials can be used. The use of wood pellet machine can not only solve the storage of waste, but also bring us to new interests. But the premise is that only to meet these raw material requirements, in order to produce better particles.