What is the reason why sawdust pellet machine does not feed?

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What is the reason why sawdust pellet machine does not feed?

Attention must be paid to the existence of management in the process of daily study, life and use.sawdust pellet machinerepair and maintenance, so that we can be guaranteed sawdust pellet machine life and normal economic development of social production. What is the reason why the sawdust granulator does not feed? Let's analyze it together.


1. After the new machine is bought back, it has not gone through wet or oil running-in, which is a link that many people are easy to ignore. If it is not handled in time, it is likely to cause stuffy machine plugging, let alone discharging. Therefore, it is necessary to run in the sawdust pellet machine bought back. Take some enterprises will be pressed wood particles, oil industry projects, about 10% of the mixture, such as the common problem of oil tanks. After fully mixed, put into the sawdust granulator and start up to press the granules.

2. The moisture content of sawdust is too low. If the moisture content of sawdust is too low, it is difficult to press and form. Generally speaking, the ideal humidity for granulation is 15%-22%. The granulation effect is good between this humidity. If the humidity of raw materials is too low, spray some water.

3. Sawdust particle machine is also likely to be due to serious damage to the mold. If the pressing wheel skin is severely worn, the granulation effect will definitely be greatly reduced. There is no good solution to this problem, and you can only buy a new pressing wheel skin.

4. It is also possible to make the machine work continuously for too long. Some people want to maximize the output. The granulator is a 24-hour operation of the machine. If it is a large-output granulator, it is better. Generally, the continuous working and study time of granulator with a production capacity of less than 1 ton per hour should not exceed 12 hours. Too long working development time will affect the maintenance and granulation effect of granulator machinery and equipment and cause serious damage. It is possible to learn through the machine work for too long, some people in order to pursue our own maximum output, the particle machine is the 24-hour operation of the machine. If it is a large-scale granulator, it is better to have a continuous working time of less than 1 ton. The maintenance and granulation effect of the granulator itself on the machine working for a long time will cause damage.

The above four points aresawdust pellet machineThe reasons for not feeding and sawdust particle machine maintenance methods, we hope to help.