Sawdust pellet machine how to identify good or bad

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Zhangqiu City, Shandong Province developed particle machinery Co., Ltd., over the years the company focused on the pellet machine, wood pellet machine, sawdust pellet machine, pellet machine production line, biomass pellet machine, crusher, wood processing equipment, drying equipment, cooling equipment and packaging equipment and other product research and development and production services.

Sawdust pellet machine how to identify good or bad

With the development of our country, the pollution problem caused by the environment is becoming more and more serious. The country is introducing some corresponding policies for enterprises to control the combustion of coal. It is bound to replace coal combustion with biomass fuel. This is an important trend for us,sawdust pellet machineThe emergence of just solve this point, sawdust pellet machine how to identify good and bad, look at it together.


1. The same type of sawdust pellet machine depends on the weight. Some machines are cast steel, and some are cast iron. The weight of cast iron is very light and the quality is very secondary. Our wood pellet machine 560 cast steel and weighs 5.8 tons, which is heavier than some other manufacturers, which determines the stability of the machine.

2. The main shaft of the sawdust pellet machine The main shaft on some manufacturers is easy to break during the production process. We have designed the multi-axis part of the spline shaft, which increases its weight during the operation of the machine and improves the stability of the main shaft. In addition, our main shaft is pressed in by an oil pressure device, and some manufacturers of other students are manually knocked in, and the knock in is not tight.

3. Our wearing parts mold and pressure roller adopt heat treatment carburizing to increase hardness, thereby increasing its strength and increasing the life of wearing parts. Some manufacturers and some do not have this process, good hardness. The life time is not long, and the surface hardness of the particles is not good. Our machine is self-lubricating oil, automatic lubricating oil pump, some manufacturers are manual oiling.

4. When inspecting sawdust granulator enterprises, we should pay more attention to the details. Some enterprises look large in scale and have large factories, but they are transforming enterprises in other industries. We can go to the production workshop to see how many workers are producing granulator and how many are producing other unrelated equipment.

The above issawdust pellet machineHow to identify the relevant introduction of good and bad, we must be optimistic when choosing sawdust pellet machine, so we should pay more attention to the details when inspecting the equipment, and we can buy products with high cost performance.