How to make the wood pellet machine mold life longer?

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How to make the wood pellet machine mold life longer?

Withsawdust pellet machineThe development of mechanical tools is also constantly changing. The wear of the mold during the production of wood pellets is also a major cost. So, how to maintain a direct impact on the life of the wood pellet machine. Therefore, the processing cost of wood pellets is also directly affected. How to make the wood pellet machine mold life longer? Give you the answer today!


1. regular oil cleaning and filling

If the sawdust pellet machine is not used for a month, it is recommended to clean up the oil inside, so the oil will gradually harden during long-term storage, which will make it difficult to clean up the next time it is used, seriously affecting the subsequent use of the mold. After the particle processing, it is necessary to use oil grinding for a period of time to ensure that all the oil left in the mold hole is oil, which is of great benefit to the next day's work and is also conducive to the long-term use of the mold. The oil can be mixed with waste oil and sawdust, which can be made once and recycled.

2. long-term do not need to clean the mold

If the mold and pressure wheel are no longer used for a long time, it is recommended to remove the mold after cleaning and storage. The main cleaning sawdust particles inside the mold and adhere to the mold surface. In this way, on the one hand, we can prevent enterprises from being difficult to remove due to particle hardening caused by long-term storage of students. On the other hand, sawdust is also water-absorbent. If sawdust on the surface is not removed, corrosion on the surface of the mold may be accelerated.

3. molds shall be stored in a dry and ventilated place.

The die of the wood pellet machine is mostly made of alloy steel. If it is in a humid place for a long time, it may cause damage to the surface of the die due to air corrosion, thus greatly reducing its service life.

4. handling process to be careful

The die of the sawdust pellet machine is a high-precision accessory. The die holes are carefully processed according to the compression ratio of the die. If you are careless in the handling process and damage the structure of the inner wall of the die hole, it may lead to the processing of particles. The molding rate is low and the service life is short.

The above is how to makesawdust pellet machineAccording to these five methods to maintain the mold, I believe your mold can last longer.