Contribution of sawdust pellet machine in environmental protection

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Zhangqiu City developed particle machinery, for many years focused on the particle machine, sawdust particle machine, sawdust particle machine, particle machine production line, biomass particle machine, crusher, wood processing equipment, drying equipment, cooling equipment and packaging equipment and other products R & D and production, has reached the international advanced level.

Contribution of sawdust pellet machine in environmental protection

sawdust pellet machineIt is a kind of biomass pellet machine, which mainly uses branches, sawdust and other agricultural and forestry wastes as raw materials to process them into molded biomass pellet fuels and apply them in various industries. As people put forward higher requirements for daily life and production, the wood pellet machine has gained a broader development space, and its functions have also been improved. At the same time, it will expand the development and application fields.

The biomass pellet fuel produced by the sawdust pellet machine has the characteristics of clean combustion, high efficiency, energy saving, and environmental protection. It can be used as a raw material for the sawdust pellet machine, such as straw, rice husk, rice straw, cotton stalk, fruit shell, branch, sawdust, etc. Agricultural and forestry waste has very high environmental protection value and saves resources. With the improvement of people's environmental protection concept, the production technology of wood pellet machine has been further developed, and its functions have gradually diversified. It not only realizes the transformation of waste into treasure, but also improves the value of crops, but also promotes the ecological environment and promotes the development of economy.

Wood pellet machine advantages:

1, can process all kinds of wood chips, straw, chaff and other raw materials;

2, high output, low energy consumption, low noise, low failure rate, strong fatigue resistance, continuous production;

3, the use of cold forming, extrusion molding and other molding technology, so that the biomass particles beautiful appearance, compact structure;

4, the use of special high-quality materials and advanced shaft transmission device, the key components of high-quality alloy steel and wear-resistant materials, long service life.

wood pellet machine and feed pellet machine of distinction:

When buying a sawdust pellet machine, many consumers will accidentally buy the wrong feed pellet machine. Zhangqiu developed particle machinery reminds you that although the sawdust particle machine and the feed particle machine are both particle machines, their application scope is different, so the difference is quite obvious.

1. In the feeding mode, the sawdust pellet machine mold is laid flat with the mouth upward, and the materials directly enter the pelletizing mold from top to bottom, while the feed pellet machine mold is laid firmly;

2. During pressing, the sawdust pellet machine rotates with the pressing wheel and the mold is fixed, so the particles will not be crushed twice, while the feed pellet machine rotates with the pressing wheel fixed, and the feed output is relatively high;

3. In terms of structure, the sawdust pellet machine belongs to the vertical ring die pellet machine. They are divided by the rotation of the pressure wheel, so the stability is higher. The feed pellet machine is a horizontal ring die pellet machine, and the granulation chamber is sealed.

Apart from that,sawdust pellet machineAnd feed pellet machine there are many differences, consumers must correctly distinguish.