The basic composition of sawdust particle machine

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The basic composition of sawdust particle machine

sawdust pellet machineCan realize the reuse of waste, to save resources and environmental protection have played a very important role, therefore, the application is more and more widely. Generally, the sawdust granulator is composed of a conditioner, an iron removal device, a granulator assembly and a feeding port assembly equipped with an overload safety door, etc., and is equipped with a forced feeding motor and a manual overload discharge device.

Ring die and pressure roller are the key parts of sawdust particle machine. The ring die is made of high-quality alloy steel or stainless steel, and the pressure roller is mainly composed of eccentric shaft, pressure roller shell, bearing spacer ring, etc. The rotation of the ring die of the sawdust pellet machine is directly driven by a motor through a pair of pulleys. The belt drive has low noise and strong cushioning capacity. If the use of businesses want to get high efficiency, high quality biomass fuel particles, then, in the use of sawdust particle machine, it is necessary to correctly select the ring mold and pressure roller. Zhangqiu developed particle machinery can provide ring die and pressure roller according to the needs of users.

The sawdust particle machine adopts frequency converter to control the feeding amount, and the feeding amount can be adjusted in time according to the load of the main motor of the particle machine. When the main motor is overloaded, manually open the overload valve in time to discharge the materials from the conditioner to reduce the load of the granulation chamber.

Each sawdust granulator is equipped with safety devices such as a V-belt protective cover and a limit switch of the granulating chamber door. When the granulating chamber door is opened, the main motor is powered off to ensure that the machine cannot be accidentally started during maintenance. Limit switch for the side door of the ring mold. Safety pin limit switch. Function: When the machine is overloaded and the safety pin is cut off, all motors on the machine are powered off.

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