What are the raw materials of wood pellet machine?

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Sawdust pellet machine is a kind of mechanical equipment used to make wood chips into biomass fuel particles. The use of wood pellet machine not only solves the problem of waste storage, but also brings new benefits. The raw material is some waste in life and production, but for the wood pellet machine, not all production waste can produce particles. Only by meeting the requirements of the wood pellet machine can better particles be produced. Below, I will introduce you to the source of raw materials and requirements of the wood pellet machine to help you better usesawdust pellet machine.

1. The residues of crops: including cotton straw, wheat straw, rice straw, corn straw, corn cob and other grain straw. In addition to being used as a raw material for energy generation, corncob is the main raw material for the production of chemical products such as xylitol and furfural. Straw of various crops can be processed and mixed with resin to make fiber board. Straw can also be directly returned to the field.

2. Sawdust: The sawdust sawed with a band saw has a very good particle size. It is used to produce particles with stable output, smooth surface, high hardness and low energy consumption.

3, shavings: because the particle size of the shavings is relatively large, it is easy to cause the wood pellet machine to block, so it needs to be crushed before use.

4. Sand light powder: The proportion of sand light powder is relatively light, which is also easy to cause blockage of the sawdust granulator. It is recommended to mix sawdust to granulate together, and the proportion can be accounted for separately.50%, you can achieve a higher granulation effect.

5. Wood board and wood chip scrap: The particle size of wood board and wood chip scrap is relatively large and can only be used after being crushed.

6. Fiber material: Fiber material is easy to cause blockage of the sawdust pellet machine, so the length should be controlled, generally not more5mm.

sawdust pellet machineIn the production process, there is no need to add any binder, and its compression is the physical molding of the fiber material. From the perspective of combination, the biomass fuel particles produced by the wood pellet machine are mainly composed of cellulose, hemicellulose, lignocellulose and its resin, wax, etc.

When the temperature is70 ℃~110When the temperature is around, the lignocellulose becomes soft and the adhesive force begins to increase. At this time, only a certain pressure is applied to the outside world to make it tightly bond with cellulose, hemicellulose, etc. to form a molded fuel. After the fuel is cooled and cooled, the strength increases, and the incineration characteristics are similar to wood, small pieces, and granular biomass pellet fuels can be obtained.