Simple introduction of sawdust pellet machine equipment

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Simple introduction of sawdust pellet machine equipment

With the popularization of the concept of environmental protection and conservation, sawdust particle machine has been recognized by more and more people. And want to make good use of sawdust particle machine, it must have an understanding of sawdust particle machine. Today, Zhangqiu City developed small particle machinery, to give you a brief introductionsawdust pellet machine.

Generally, the sawdust granulator consists of a conditioner, an iron removal device, a granulator assembly and a feeding port assembly equipped with an overload safety door. Each sawdust granulator is equipped with the following safety devices: triangle belt protective cover, granulation chamber door limit switch, function: when the granulation chamber door is opened, the main motor is powered off, the machine cannot be accidentally started during maintenance, safety pin limit switch, function: when the machine is overloaded and the safety pin is cut off, all motors on the machine are powered off.

In order to get high efficiency and high quality particles through the sawdust particle machine, we must choose the correct ring die and pressure roller. They are the heart of the sawdust pellet machine. The ring die is made of high-quality alloy steel or stainless steel, and the roller is mainly composed of eccentric shaft, roller shell, bearing spacer ring and other components. Zhangqiu developed particle machinery can provide corresponding ring die and pressure roller according to the needs of users and the use environment.

The feeder of the sawdust granulator is fed by the upper chute, and the valve at the inclined bottom of the chute is equipped with a magnet, which can easily and quickly remove iron impurities in the material. The lower part is equipped with an overload safety door. When the main motor is overloaded, the safety door can be manually opened to discharge materials. Sawdust particle machine conditioner can be equipped with a thermometer or temperature sensor, the thermometer is installed on the outlet side of the steam conditioner, you can directly observe the temperature of the feed.

The sawdust particle machine adopts frequency converter to control the feeding amount of the screw conveyor, which can basically realize no speed regulation; it can also adjust the feeding amount in time and at any time according to the load of the main motor of the sawdust particle machine. Moreover, when the main motor is overloaded, the overload valve can be manually opened to remove excess materials in time and reduce the load of the pellet pressing chamber.

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