Wood pellet machine has good economic and social benefits

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Wood pellet machine has good economic and social benefits

The wood pellet machine is suitable for a wide range of raw materials. The pellet fuel produced has the characteristics of clean combustion, high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving. It has the advantages of providing low-sulfur fuel, providing cheap energy (under certain conditions), and converting organic matter into fuel to reduce environmental pollution (such as waste fuel). With the further development of environmental protection,sawdust pellet machineIt not only turns waste into treasure, but also improves the value of crops, but also promotes the ecological environment and economic development.


Sawdust pellet machine fuel can be roughly divided into two categories-Traditional and modern. Modern bioenergy refers to a variety of bioenergy sources that can be used on a large scale to replace traditional energy sources, namely mineral solid, liquid and gaseous fuels.,Includes:Wood waste (industrial),Bagasse (industrial),municipal waste,Biofuels (including biogas and energy crops).

Traditional bioenergy is largely confined to developing countries. Broadly speaking, it includes all bioenergy used on a small scale, but they are not always outside the market.,Include:Domestic firewood and charcoal,Straw(including rice husk)、Other factory waste,Sawdust, sawdust, etc.

Wood pellet machinery product advantages:

1, can produce a variety of wood chips, straw, chaff and other raw materials based on biomass particles;

2. High output, low energy consumption, low noise, low failure, strong machine fatigue resistance, continuous production, economical and durable;

3, the use of cold forming, extrusion molding and other molding technology, grease polishing process to make the biomass particles beautiful appearance, compact structure.

The wood pellet machine uses agricultural and forestry processing waste as raw material, and after pretreatment and processing to form high-density pellet fuel, it is an efficient and clean renewable energy. It is an ideal alternative to kerosene fuel, energy saving and emission reduction, with good economic and social benefits.

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