How to choose the sawdust pellet machine model

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Sawdust pellet machine equipment is an important equipment in the production. Zhangqiu developed pellet machinery company has been focusing on pellet machine, sawdust pellet machine, sawdust pellet machine, biomass pellet machine, drying equipment, cooling equipment and packaging equipment for many years.

How to choose the sawdust pellet machine model

Now across the country, many regions have begun to vigorously promote biomass energy particles. In this environment, the sawdust particle machine has a warm soil that emits light and heat. Let's take a look at how buyers choose their own sawdust particle machine models. (How to choosesawdust pellet machineModel)

At present, there are many models of sawdust particle machines on the market, and each model has its own characteristics and shortcomings. The new entrants are often dazzled and do not know how to choose. Xiaobian remind buyers, choose sawdust pellet machine, be sure to choose their own models.

At present, the mainstream models of sawdust pellet machine on the market are mainly the following: flat die pellet machine, horizontal ring die pellet machine, screw extrusion pellet machine, stamping pellet machine, roller extrusion pellet machine, vertical ring die pellet machine.

First of all, let's exclude several types of pellet machines, which are extremely unreasonable for the production of biomass materials such as shavings.

Flat die granulator is mostly used for small-scale refined feed processing. Due to its flat die, the pressing wheel is pressed downward by force, and it is easy to deform or crack when the size of the flat die is large. Therefore, the model is not too large and belongs to small-scale equipment. At the same time, due to its mold rotating structure, the pressing wheel is stationary in the granulating room as a whole, which is prone to the phenomenon of material blocking.

Vertical ring die granulator, this type of machine is more suitable for pressing biomass materials in the current market. His appearance realizes vertical feeding while the rotating structure of the pressing wheel will not cause the phenomenon of loose and lighter biomass materials. The ring mold can be enlarged in structure and is not limited by process, so large models of equipment can be formed on the ground. The reducer adopts a special model, which can provide stronger extrusion pressure and has strong resistance, not easily damaged.

Therefore, the vertical ring die pellet machine is currently the mainstream biomass pellet processing equipment on the market. (How to choosesawdust pellet machineModel)