The use of biomass pellet machine

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The use of biomass pellet machine

Every autumn and winter season, the problem of straw burning in rural areas is repeatedly prohibited. In order to save resources, protect the environment and turn straw into treasure, scientists have invented a variety of machines to solve this problem. Biomass particles function to achieve the transformation of energy resources, the advent of this equipment, effectively solve the problem of straw burning.Biomass pellet machineThe use)


Here is a good introduction to the biomass pellet machine.

Biomass particles are actually the second generation technology of biomass energy, an upgraded version of ethanol gasoline. In Europe and the United States, the development of this technology is booming. The second generation technology uses a wider range of raw materials, including straw, cotton stalks, fallen leaves, etc., which can be used for it.The role of "turning waste into treasure. There are many benefits of biomass pellets: cleaning, turning waste into treasure, increasing farmers' income, ensuring national energy security, etc.

Biomass energy can not only generate electricity, but also control oil, but also make gas, and can meet the needs of aircraft, automobiles, ships and other liquid and gas fuels. Compared with other new energy sources such as wind energy, hydropower, solar energy, and nuclear energy, biomass energy is the only product that can fully replace traditional fossil energy.

Our country is rich in biological natural resources, but most of them have not been used, which has caused the pollution of atmosphere and water. The emergence of biomass pellet machine, so that the matter has turned around. However, as experts have said, when these new energy products were just beginning to develop, the cost was far greater than the price of existing products on the market due to too little output. In this case, the government should have the corresponding fiscal policy support, so that it can survive.Biomass pellet machineThe use)