Application Prospect of Sawdust Particle Machine

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Application Prospect of Sawdust Particle Machine

Wood processing enterprises such as wood factories, plate processing plants and door factories produce a large number of shavings every day, and many bossesWill be shavingsWhen waste is disposed,Wasted a lot of resources. Actually,This kindSituationThe existence is ultimately due to the shavingsOther residuesLack of deeper understanding. The remaining products of wood processing, such as wood shavings and sawdust, are biomass materials. The so-called biomass energy is actually a form of energy that plants convert solar energy into plants through photosynthesis. Biomass energy is a special energy source with huge global reserves and huge exploitable space.(sawdust pellet machineapplication prospect


Biomass energy is a kind of renewable environmental protection new energy,NowThe state is vigorously promoting the development and utilization of biomass energy. At present, the use of new energy sources such as hydropower, wind power and solar power has begun to take shape,HoweverAt present, these new energy sources cannot fully meet the current energy demand,Oil, coal, etc.Energy still plays an important role in energy supply. Some research data show that the total reserves of fossil energy can only maintain less than the energy demand of human beings.200 years is not a long-term solution. Therefore, during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, the National Energy Administration specifically emphasized the need to increase the promotion of biomass energy.

So how to realize the energy value of biomass energy such as shavingsWhat?This is about to talk about sawdust particle machine. sawdust particle functionThe biomass energy such as wood shavings is pressed into biomass energy particles to replace the original fossil energy. There is a large energy gap after the coal ban. Now many regions across the country have begun to vigorously promote biomass energy particles to make up for the energy gap after the coal ban.,sawdust pellet machineIt glows and heats up.Local。(sawdust pellet machineapplication prospect