How to improve the working efficiency of wood pellet machine?

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How to improve the working efficiency of wood pellet machine?

When it comes to wood pellet machine equipment, I believe many customers have some understanding of it. The wood pellet machine equipment can make wood pellets into biomass fuel pellets, which not only realizes the reuse of resources, saves resources, but also protects the environment and realizes the green and sustainable development. Sawdust immediately in our lives and production has been very widely used, then, how to make the manufacturer's wood pellet machine production efficiency has been improved? (How to improvesawdust pellet machineThe work efficiency?)


Customers in the purchase of our wood pellet machine equipment after the natural want to high production efficiency, but if the choice is not good or improper operation, will affect the production efficiency of our wood pellet machine equipment, the specific how to do it.

1Choose the wood pellet machine equipment suitable for your own production capacity. For example, the actual output of the factory is2Tons, if selected when the production3Tons of machines are not overqualified and wasteful.

2The sawdust pellet machine equipment should be fed evenly during the production process, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the machine, without blocking the material, and the particles produced will be more uniform.

32. Control the gap between the die of the sawdust granulator and the pressing wheel. After the material is cured at high temperature, it is pressed and formed by the pressing wheel. The particles thus produced have good compactness, firmness and beauty.

4According to their own actual needs, choose the appropriate wood pellet machine mold aperture, if the aperture is too small, or too large, will cause the phenomenon of low output without material, will also seriously affect the production efficiency of wood pellet machine.

5Regularly lubricate and clean the sawdust pellet machine. Long-term friction between the mold and the pressure wheel will damage the mold. Regular oiling and cleaning can not only ensure the cleanliness of the mold, but also reduce the friction between the two, reduce costs, and provide production efficiency.(How to upgradewood pelletsMachineThe work efficiency?)